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Funds Received

Suresh Rajagopalan: Web hosting for IPI web and mailing list plus multiple mailboxes for 2 years (till April, 2000) [Worth appx. $25 per month for 24 months = $600, plus set up fee. Today funding appx. $700]

Antony Joseph: $70 for the domain name for two years.

Ajay Gandhi: Registration fees for IPI plus office space at Hyderabad plus Rs. 5,000/=.

Umesh Tiwari: Rs. 10,000/=
Suresh Anand: Rs. 26,000/=
Sanjeev Sabhlok: Rs.40,000/=
Antony Joseph: Rs. 21,000/=

Total: Rs. 1,02,000/=

As of 15th November, 1999, Rs.1,02,881.53 is in the bank account including interest.