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How about postal dept?

I would like to add in the manifesto:

"Need to move toward multplicity of postal services, both in the public
and private sector."

I am not covinced that villages will ever be serviced by anything other
than a public sector postal department. Perhaps that department can shift
entirely to the rural areas, leaving most of the urban areas to private

(this is with reference to a msg circulated by free-market net today.

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Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 11:01:18 -0500
From: LibertyNow <LibertyNow@free-market.net>
[Forwarded by Todd Seavey]

Postmaster Says Monopoly Will End

(c) The Associated Press 

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The post office monopoly on carrying First Class
mail is likely to end, Postmaster General William J. Henderson said 

"It is my belief that we will not maintain our monopoly forever," 
Henderson told the opening session of the National Postal Forum, 
a convention of businesses that deal with the Postal Service. 

The post office spent two centuries as a government department and 
a quarter-century as an independent agency, but Congress is again
discussing changes in how it is run. 

"In the future, looking out ahead, there are storm clouds," Henderson 
said. The Postal Service "needs to be deregulated, commercialized,"
he said, and the agency and its customers need to get involved in
that process.

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