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Speaking of education what do people think about reservations for
groups (such as S.C., S.T.) in colleges. Is it a good thing to give
special preferences to groups? Does it really help them? Is it a
disadvantage for people who do not belong to such groups?

Prem's comments: 

Since this is a short post anyway, I decided to tag my views
on here. Hope Nikhil (and the rest of you) don't mind this.

There's already some discussion on this issue of reservations on IP.
I remember that Sanjeev sent an article by Prof. Indiresan not too long ago.
Aswhin also wrote an article on rediff recently about this issue. Maybe some
of us can try and summarize some points from these and other sources. It is 
a very touchy issue to be dealt with solely at the political (policy-making) 
level. We need social organizations to tackle this issue first at the 
grassroots. This debate needs to be cast in broader terms: reconciliation
among the various peoples devided on the false bases of caste and creed. Unless
we can make all people to come and participate in such discussions, mere passing
of laws will not be successful. I believe IP needs the partnership of 
socially-oriented organizations to work in the field on issues which cannot
immediately be resolved at the policy-making level.

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