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Good riddance: simply demoralize the private sector!

This was the most magnificent piece of strategy ever devised against
liberalization. Delay, delay, delay, till everybody is demoralized and
millions of dollars are wasted in the process of chasing files all over
the country and perhaps the world.

"Tatas drop airline project

"The Tatas have been waiting for government clearance for three years. 
They have blamed the withdrawal on unending delays by four successive
governments. The Tatas had proposed 40 pc equity participation by FIIs." 

Force the private citizen to give up any hope of doing anything
themselves. Spoon-feed the citizen in everything, from production of
shirts right upto the flying of planes. When JRD Tata started the first
airlines he did not know that his company would face such glorious

End result: IA and a few other labor unions are happy (not for long
though: as the country loses productivity, ALL of them will also suffer). 
A few politicians who might benefit in some strange way from the absence
of competition in the airlines sector, might benefit (not for long! It
does not take much for nations to fall apart: we have seen that happen
repeatedly in history: it is not going to surprise me if after a couple of
more decades like this, the entire India falls apart and gets balkanized.
I often feel that even a small 10000 sq km area of India, ANYWHERE in
India, can be made to compete with Singapore in wealth within 25 years of
solid and good policy. Maybe that balkanization will be for the good of
the people. At least those who are willing to work will be allowed to
work. What an amazing country!) 


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