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Re: Education

> There's already some discussion on this issue of reservations on IP.
> I remember that Sanjeev sent an article by Prof. Indiresan not too long ago.
> Aswhin also wrote an article on rediff recently about this issue. Maybe some
> of us can try and summarize some points from these and other sources. It is 
> a very touchy issue to be dealt with solely at the political (policy-making) 
> level. We need social organizations to tackle this issue first at the 

Precisely because it is a touchy issue, I feel we need to take a clearcut
stand on it. Making ambiguous statements is not the solution. Bringing
in experts or seeking the advice of social organizations definitely shows that
we have no stand on the issue.
I suggest that we take the line that we will improve conditions to such an
extent that the "backward classes/SCs/STs" will themselves feel no
need for reservations. This means that until then we continue with 
If you analyze the issue, it is not so serious if socialism is thrown out.
Reservation cannot and should not be imposed on the private sector.
The heartburn now is reservation in govt jobs, colleges and in promotions.
Once govt jobs become insignificant with private participation, the issue
will become insignificant. Regarding promotions, I think supreme court
passed a ruling recently that the advantage be given only once. That
would leave us with educational institutions. Maybe someone can come
up with a solution.
I am also sure that capitalism will *really* improve conditions that it will
not be needed and then it can be removed.

Finally a note on Prof.Indiresan. I have full respect for him This is not
to undermine him. However, he was eased out of his post in IIT Madras
(Director? Dean? Someone who knows can clarify)
several years back because he was branded anti lower castes. This
is purely for information and not my opinion.


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