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Re: Good riddance: simply demoralize the private sector!


I know exactly how you feel. I read this article yesterday and it made
my blood boil. I didn't post it on here because I don't want to clutter
up this channel with newspaper clippings anymore.

This is one major reason why so many who have tried to uplift India in
the past have failed. Nothing gets done. The people are made to feel 
helpless. And if they rise up in arms, then they are hoodwinked by the
beauracrats with this most-powerful delay tactic. This tactic has been 
used over and over again with great success. Case in point: the story 
from Rajasthan where public officials were made to reveal the expense
details of local projects - and they tried to get away this way.

We will not be able to achieve anything unless we take over the reins
of power from the present leaders. And once in power, we must not lose
sight of what we plan to do, we must not succumb to the temptations 
that power offers. There are good people all over india - there is no 
shortage of them - and they have been trying to do good for the country
but they have been and are being constantly and deliberately harassed
by the animals in power. These good people lacked only one thing. 
POWER. So they had opposition instead of backing. If this were to 
change and if city hall was to supported enterpreneurs, we would have
long ago become the envy of nations the world over. The root of India's
evils lies in her politicians and beauracrats. 

We need to take over Indian Politics. We need to cleanse the system of
this evil. Being a citizens group alone will do nothing. Being merely a
debating forum will do even less. ( I know we are doing something more
than just talking, and I say this so that we don't lose momentum on our
mission) As long as we don't have power, injustice will be done to us. 
I guarantee it.

We need to put faith back into the hearts of our people.

And most importantly, once in power, we must be very careful NOT to do
injustice to our people.

All this reminds me of a joke I'll never forget. 

An Indian exporter of crabs, for reasons of economy, used to ship LIVE
crabs in cans without the lid on. He would label the cans, "20 crabs"
or "30 Crabs"... and sure enough, every can reached it's overseas 
destination without a single crab missing. Our Western friends were
baffled! How on earth could anyone send live crabs without a lid and 
still make shipments intact? So one day, Our American friend decided to
come down to India and find out for himself, this marvelous secret. He
found this company and met the exporter. On being asked his secret as
to how he managed to shipp his merchendise intact, he replied, 

"Ah, my friend, these are Indian crabs. When one of them tries to come
up, the others WILL pull him down".

This may be a joke, but I assure you, it is no laughing matter. 

As for the prospect of Balkanization of India, I desperately hope that
it will never happen. If it does, it takes away the last reason - that
I could hope to cling on to - to be proud to be an Indian. I have 
stoutly stated on no uncertain terms that as long as India exists, I 
will not give up my Indian citizenship, no matter how tempting an 
American citizenship may be. But If India is torn to shred, she takes
my identity with her. She also takes away any reason to be patriotic.
It would break my heart. 


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