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Re: Good riddance: simply demoralize the private sector!

The problem as Sanjeev higlighted lies in the corrupt beauracracy.  We
have still not given-up our right of Red Tapism.  Consequently, each
ministry is competing amongst themselves to get a better share.  And
the best way is to create hurdles and make it impossible. 
According to me, the real problem lies with our uninformed, illiterate
ministers most of whom have criminal backgrounds.  Once elected, the
rush is to milk the nation as much and as soon as possible.  The blame
obviously shifts to the people who have made them responsible for
their welfare.  So where does one draw the line-- who's to be blamed-
those in the ministry or the people who have accepted them as their
Another classic example is the ENRON case in Maharashtra.  Negotiated
during the Congress regime, each of the subsequent government has
renegotiated the contract terms to get a bigger share of the booty. 
As a result, the project continues to be delayed adding costs which
eventually will be passed on to the general public.   
I am against Balkanization.  Although this remedy may be an easy
solution to our current problems, it comes with its own baggage.  Take
for instance the situation in Afganistan.  Who rules there?  Certainly
those is power and the right to kill.  If India has to divide based on
economic lines, each of the states will face insurgency and those with
power/money/high social status will force themselves on the people.  
Therefore, the solution lies not in accepting the current situation
and living with it nor balkanization but in educating the people and
making them understand their rights within the democaratic framework. 
Once this dawns, every minister will be held accountable for his/her


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