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Fwd: Re: [SAJA] AFP on Tata Project

Please see attached a journalists response to the denial of Tata's
airlines project.  Keep in mind that people like Bala Krishnan have
been living in the US, presumably for quite some time.  Obviously he
sees nothing wrong in GOI's attitude.  In fact, he is saying that if
three previous governments denied such projects then that is proof
enough that TATA is in the wrong!!  I wanted to reply to this message
that I took from the SAJA (south asian journalists Association)
discussion list.  I would like your reactions to this letter.  Thanks.

----Original Message Follows----
> From: BalaMK@aol.com
> To: saja@dragon.jrn.columbia.edu
> Subject: Re: [SAJA] AFP on Tata Project
> I think the Tata Group, rather than the government, has done damage to 
> foreign investor sentiment by laying up its dubious project as an example 
> of the government's lack of commitment to market reform.
> For one, its airline project has been declined by three diferent governments.
> So it is silly to blame it on one government and its policies.
> The Tata Group has consistently blamed the government without once looking
> inward. For years, it adamantly persisted with Singapore Airlines as an 
> equity partner even though the global model in the aviation industry is one 
> that does not permit foreign airlines to run a domestic airline in another 
> country. It was at that time offered the opportunity to start the airline on 
> its own and have Singapore Airlines as a technical/managerial consultant. It 
> declined.
> Later, the Tata Group maintained that its project was being held up by then
> civil aviation minister C.M. Ibrahim, not particularly known for ethics.
> When it dawned on the Tatas that the project would not pass scrutiny by any
> board, it came up with two anonymous foreign investors, when it should have
> brought transparency to its project.

> Bala M. Krishna

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