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Re: Inherently Government Functions

Kush, I agree with you completely on this. IMO, the Constitution should lay
down the basic principles (like the US one, which apparently was a model for
the Indian) of mainly describing the powers & limits of the Central Govt,
and let the legislature (& the courts) do the rest. I am very much for a
more federalistic approach to India. We have too much power and the
resultant corruption concentrated in Delhi.

- manoj

> >IMO, the Indian constituion is a very hard document to read.  It is
> >evasive on rights, gives to much power to the central government and
> >fails to distribute governmental authority by providing stability to
> >certain institutions.   It has unnecessary details that belong to
> >legislation rather than the constituion.  Your reaction(s) please.
> >
> >Kush Khatri

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