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Re: [SAJA] AFP on Tata Project

> Please see attached a journalists response to the denial of Tata's
> airlines project.  Keep in mind that people like Bala Krishnan have
> been living in the US, presumably for quite some time.  Obviously he
> sees nothing wrong in GOI's attitude.  In fact, he is saying that if
> three previous governments denied such projects then that is proof
> enough that TATA is in the wrong!!  I wanted to reply to this message
> that I took from the SAJA (south asian journalists Association)
> discussion list.  I would like your reactions to this letter.  Thanks.

If this is the case, GOI should have spelt clearly the reasons for 
rejection. A few months back there was a news item in
Economic Times that the Tatas were asked for "cut" by the ruling
party (I don't remember the exact date or who was in power) 
without knowing that the Tatas never pay bribe.
There was also an airport in Bangalore which was stalled by politicians.
This was supposed to be on the principle of Build, Operate and Transfer.
The real reason that this got shelved was that several ministers and
MPs in Karnataka cornered plots around the proposed site. Those MPs
who couldn't manage plots scuttled the deal once the Government changed!
So is the Government correct there too?
IA gave specious arguments like - "We are incharge of National Integration"
or "We run on los making routes" in their report opposing Tata Airlines.
My question is - Will the Government allow Tata to run their airlines
if there is no foreign involvement?


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