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Web update

I've udpated the web site indiapolicy.org a bit. Nikhil has been given
access to this site. Please send mail to 

	Nikhil Parekh <nikhil2000@yahoo.com>

to get your points incorporated into the Manifesto. 

He is the Joint Secretary i/c Web Development. (I hope you don't mind this
title!, Nikhil: we are formalizing a few things, so this is a good thing,
perhaps, to give titles to those who are doing so much).

That gives me a bit of time to recuperate. I am going to the doctor today
and let us see what I hear about these extremeties of my upper limbs.
Hands and fingers are quite swollen and many cells might have even died!
Tingling sensations at night. Book says carpal tunnel has set in. Well,
let us see. I'm not usually the best "diagnoser" of my own biological

Now: I neither control the mailing list nor the web page. You guys also
have your own domain name. 

In other words, it does not matter if tomorrow I pop off! This whole thing
is yours, folks! Go for it! debate, discuss, clarify your thoughts and
then, organize, teach, etc., to ensure that India reaches its ONLY
rightful place in the world: i.e., No. 1.

By the way, I have added, to the main web site, "Non-Resident Members of
the Board." Please see if that list is OK, and if you'd like to figure in
that list.

This is YOUR organization, YOUR mailing list, YOUR country. The more you
and I open our mind to the best ideas, the more we are patient with each
other and listening to each other, the greater the possibility that we
might arrive at the 'BEST' policies.


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