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how far away is the goalpost?

An oft-repeated intention of IP is to help build India to the pole
position among the nations of the world. This is not a very clear goal,
for today depending on the parameters one uses (wealth, life expectancy,
per capita income, nuclear-free zone, crime-free society, etc.) several
countries could make a reasonable claim to the title. Japan, America,
Canada, Sweden, Switzerland are some that come to mind readily. We need
a better goal than the mere intention to make India #1.

More importantly, and considerably more immediate as I see it, we need
to be able to judge whether we are making progress towards this goal. To
start with, let us use the Human Development Index or some such widely
understood measure, and we can then create our own formulae to benchmark
our achievements on this index. We can also use other benchmarks, both
on the national and state-level measures.

Some news magazines (India today?) are in the habit of ranking the
states, and we might also coopt some of their methods and devise our own
for monitoring progress.

Two other points from past discussions:

(a) I did not get any objections or affirmations to my proposal that
members of the ideal party should waive privileges that protect them
from prosecution, specifically clauses which state that govt permission
is required for prosecution. Should we add this to the code of conduct?

(b) India Together is currently updating the site to bring on the first
full-fledged monthly issue. We had earlier put together a hot-potch from
several weeks of work, and now feel that the process is generating
enough content to be self-sustaining on an ongoing basis. I had earlier
sought summaries of policies debated on IP and suggested that these
might be carried on India Together as a mutually reinforcing process.
Any ideas or thoughts on that? Your individual efforts outside of IP, if
you prefer that, should be just as acceptable.



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