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Tata Airline Fiasco

Here are the reasons for stalling the proposal.

Ghulam Nabi Azad was the minister when the proposal was
first put forward. He rejected it as he was criticised for allowing
too many private parties to operate their airlines!
(One of them was Dawood Ibrahim's East West. He wasn't 
criticised by other parties for that)
When the next government took reins, CM Ibrahim was against the
proposal while Chidambaram and Murasoli Maran were for it.
The leftists it seems tilted the scales. 
In the meantime Raytheon and Changi pulled out of the
Devanahalli airport project thanks to the delay.
GOI gave excuses like "Nowhere in the world is a foreign
airline allowed to operate in the domestic sector."
Why do we have to copy the world? Why not set the precedence
for a change?
In any case, Tata agreed to drop Singapore Airlines and tied up 
with singapore investment corporation. This was after GOI said
that foreigners and foreign companies will be allowed to hold upto
40% but foreign airlines will not be allowed. Tatas were accused
of submitting the same proposal in disguise.
One of the questions raised earlier was why singapore airlines was
chosen to be a partner. I think the reason was to use their planes
and crew initially. Did indian airlines not lease some leaky planes from
The most hilarious objection was from Air India. They said that
Tatas will use it as a feeder airline for singapore airlines weaning
away the passengers from AI.
Translation: They will provide better service which is good for the 
people and hence unacceptable to us.
By July 10, Tatas had agreed to every condition including dropping
singapore airlines. On that day all newspapers expected that the
project would finally take off as no more excuses could be given.
But No. FIPB met and decided they needed more time.
The most outrageous reason was that private airlines will never 
satisfy social obligations like stranded passengers in Kuwait.
This is an insult to the memory of both JN and JRD Tata. Between
them they have done more for the country's development than
anybody else. Various institutes like TISS, TIFR, IISc, NIAS
were all started by Tatas. Air India itself owes its existence to
Tata. They are also the sponsors of various scholarships and
donors to charities. When JRD was alive, TISCO offered to lay
the roads in Jamshedpur free of cost. This was turned down.

This is what Murasoli Maran had to say, "The fact that 3 successive
govrnments, all of different parties and ideologies could not clear a 
project supported by the mighty Tatas, India's largest corporate
empire can only speak of these vested interests that have managed to
carry the day."
Our journalist friend should be informed of this.
My solution: Keep the ~5000 people of Air India on payroll without
any work. Pay them their salaries. Let them eat and sleep. Meanwhile
let Tatas run the airlines. AI staff won't lose their jobs and the people 
will also benefit.

Finally a point for the manifesto: How about including something on
maternity clinics/healthcare in each village? I don't know how this should
be implemented - whether government should take part or just


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