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health care

The health care issue is an important one and needs to be discussed as to
how to see that the doctors make it a point to opt for postings in the
rural areas, and how it is possible for the drugs to be delivered to these
areas so that good medicare is meted out to the people there. One point I
wish to draw attention to here is that there need to be enough statistics
that can help identify the different ailments that are more prevalant in
the villages - probably based on the reports that govt., municipal
hospitals might be preparing - to identify what kind of drugs need to be
stocked in the rural areas and how they can be best provided to the rural
folks at an economical price so that they can get the right attention at
the right time.
Probably here, statistics are needed to figure out the feasibility of this
kind of an operation, which currently might be in place but it's
efficiency might still be doubtful.
I remember my dad, being a medical representative from Johnson and
Johnson, when I was a kid, having to go to rural areas on tours to meet
the doctors and get the new drugs prescribed there, though the drugs were,
and some are still, out of reach monetarily, for these people.
Probably, if we have some doctors in this group who would have an
experience in this kind of an activity can bring in finer points to
I personally feel this is an important issue - healthcare- per se, which
calls for attention here.

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