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A.P CM does IT!!

Hello friends,

Felt like sharing this piece with one and all. this was brought to my notice by 
my good friend Balaji Prakash, but I didn't see any reference to it on IP 
discussions.  http://www.the-week.com/98aug02/cover.htm#2

looks like Dr.Naidu ( Ph.d - economics !!) is already Acting along the lines 
many of us are trying to sketch together here on IP.  He is emerging as an 
amazing MIX of IT,politics, productivity, and accountability!!!

I guess Sanjeev's idea of making Hyderabad the head-office for forthcoming 
activities falls in the 'right- place' and in tune with the spirit of Dr.Naidu, 
although Sanjeev arrived at his conclusions in a rather different and 
intelligent way!! (viz..AP being `IT manpower 'hub etc..etc)

Amongst other things(like infrastructure), I also feel any 'fund-related ' 
help or sponsorship may also be easily generated by approaching the CM directly.
(At least that would serve as a 'sample test ' of the response we may expect 
from the LEADERS in POWER!) 

all in all is A.P going to be the test bed for IP's AGENDA ...year 2000 !??!??!
then indeed ..( in a lighter vein) Sanjeev's fingers will surely find rest and 
peace !!( Sanjeev hope you are teaching your kids to take over the typing !!)

I have been an `active' onlooker...so long.. But today the news about Sanjeev's 
swollen fingers has prompted me to start 'using mine' !!
hoping to keep pace with you all
sincerely yours

URL: http://www.ntu.edu.sg/home/mprabhu (may change my site soon!!)

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