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Hello All
	I had been wanting to  write about this item to IP, but in the
meantime,... thanks to prabhu he did.  Infact, there is more, if you go to the
A.P. web page.

http://www.andhrapradesh.com/   (.It is not VSNL, but is quickly loadable).

What impressed me most was the way the web page was designed to facilitate
smoother working: it lists the areas in which companies/people can invest...the
products that A.P. is looking for...there si along list ranging from
infrastruture to Pharamaceuticals to...agriculture and IT. Not only this, but
this page...tells u the addresses of people to contact...the legalites...etc.
The Hi-Tech city near A.P. apparently has been designed for industries, with a
dedicated power Plant that gives continous powersupply...all this to woo
	Also, if someone wants to share good ideas to improve things...any
suggestions on how one can develop a particular
aspect...law...governance...IT..agriculture...investement..etc...one can write
to the CM from this page. So, I feel that, those of you who would like to share
your better ideas (with a big heart that ur idea may benefit the common man,
without the hastle of who gets the credit, when implemeted, is a great service
that we can do.
	There are many more things like the vision 2020 etc...but I dont want
to write more and give an impression that I am advertising for this page.
The bottom line, that makes this governance difference, I think is the
accessibilty/approacabilty. All in All, it makes me happy..beyond words.. to
know that there is one man, who is bothered and is able to deliver the goods.

	Balaji Prakash.
P.S: Sorry if this is irrelevant, but... for the economists on this list, 
I found this lengthy article recently (1st sep) on Indian Economy and thought 
that some of you might be interested. the article is "View from th top:Indian 
Economy" Adressed by  Mr.Y.V.Reddy

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