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AP as test bed

The initiative of CM Naidu ahs been greatly praised in the new issue of
Business World where in the entrepreneurs are all praise for the single
window system that has been started in the satte to promote more IT
companies. The CM himself is said to have a Sony Home theatre system
integrated to a video conferencing system to keep in touch with the
strategists of the state.
Moreover, the HRD minister M.M.Joshi is also said to be emulating CM Naidu
in terms of taking an IT approach towards the HR system in the country. If
these news items are to be considered to be facts about the state's
progress, the choice of making it a centre of activity for IP is to be
accepted without doubt, though other states shall in the period take steps
to tap their resources and set up similar environment in their premises to
promote IT and other industries. 
M.P. for instance is the first state to go private in Basic Telecom
services with Bharati Telenet taking up the operations and giving DoT a
run for their money. 
Such efforts though are taken up, but I did find in Indore that the kind
of people employed, the locals especially, who were able to jump into the
company through some kind of 'contacts' in the company, do tend to tarnish
the extreme professional look of the company. But probably till the time
that we don't have a breed of 100% educated, literate people in the
country, this kind of back door entries can't be avoided. 
In such a case, it becomes the prerogative of the company to lay down
rules governing the moral principles which should go in making their
company, and in turn the place of their work, a non-discriminatory place
with equal opportunities to all, but this being provided from the front
door, not the back one. This is another facet of the bureaucratic attitude
that is prevalent here, which needs to be eradicated by strict rules which
should leave very little to squirm around into the system.
Probably a suitably worded statement can go in about the work culture that
the government body, or for that matter any company should strictly
adhere to, which probably is what is happenning in AP right now.


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