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from Rajeev Manikoth

Notes to IP 3

The net still offers fairly limited access to people here in India. So
it might be worthwhile to start thinking of ways to initiate groups
who can interact with larger groups of people and initiate them into a
thought process and involvement in this exercise. There are a lot of
minds out there doing exemplary work in various corners of the
country, who hardly get noticed by the media. These are minds to be
tapped to be able to really perceive ground realities which can be
addressed. After all this has to be a participatory process and should
not exclude inputs, just because people cannot have access to this
media, or cannot communicate in English, or whatever. 

Nobody wants policies thrust upon them if they can help it. Otherwise
it may not be very different from present policy makers who assume
they know what's best for the country.

Rajeev Manikoth
Prem's comments:

Thanks Rajeev, for bringing this very crucial point up. IP has been
trying to link up with people in India in various ways. Since the whole effort
is still evolving, we are quite far from the ideal of reaching every person
in India. I think IP is moving closer to that goal, though. What IP has in mind
is to prepare a concise document by the end of the year and send it to people
all around India. Also we will design flyers to be distributed. At one point,
we have to initiate local debates in colleges and universities so that we reach
the youth of India. All this needs help from all concerned people. Since most
of us far removed from the 'field' we need help mostly from people present in
India. If people on this forum could come up with their own list of persons to
contact, and actually do so we shall reach a bigger participant pool. To my
mind, the first step ought to be to focus on finishing the first pass at the
policy-document. Once our message is clear, we can go and link up with millions
of more people. What do the others on this forum think?		-Prem.

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