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People First

Notes to IP 2

Some of you might be aware of this. But " Development Alternatives" ,
HQ in Delhi and spearheaded by Ashok Khosla ( President, Development
Alternatives ) and in collaboration with S.K.Sharma (former secretary,
Housing & Environment, MP and CMD, HUDCO )have this forum :

"People First"  
( B-32, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi - 110 016     email :
people@sdalt.ernet.in )

I have a copy of the 2nd version of their NGO manifesto called : 
"People First : Rooting out Irresponsible Governance : True Power to
the People". A lot of good work has gone into its making.
We could check to see whether an online version is available for
access to all IP members/participants/visitors. I think it might be
worthwhile to examine the great deal of work put into this document.
Networking with them would also be useful for expanding and tapping
their expertise and experience.

Rajeev Manikoth
Prem: Thanks once again Rajeev. That was an excellent lead! 
I did a search on People First and found a great amount of info. Here's
their webpage: http://www.ecouncil.ac.cr/devalt/peoplef.htm
I have cut and pasted a few important things from this site.  

People First, a trust promoted by Development Alternatives is working with the 
basic objective of advocating institutional restructuring for better governance 
in India. It has challenged the relevance of existing institutions, and through 
extensive research and studies is striving to design and advocate politically 
sustainable and holistic concepts for sound governance. It believes that 
alongwith the need for promoting responsible politics, the problem of a bloated and unaccountable bureaucracy also requires to be tackled. People first strongly
advocates democratic decentralisation backed by institutions that promote transparency and participation, bringing decision makers under constant surveillance 
of the people.
People First is carrying out various activities towards achieving its 
objectives. These activities are directed on two broad fronts : 
1. Research and development of system structure and dynamics for better 

They have published the follwing papers under this catagory:
a. Principles of democratic governance 
b. Centre-State-Local Relations
c. District governance
d. neighborhood governance
e. governing megacities
f. transparency in governance
g. Cetralized non planning
h. Planning of Delhi
i. Real estate

2. Dissemination and advocacy of sustainable concepts of governance
Publication of research work and developed concepts in simple and short forms. 
These publications which have been widely distributed include : 

a. Rooting out irresponsible governance - true power to the people
b. A tale of two Gandhis - bridging a century
c. Centralized non-planning - an undemocratic, now unconstitutional option
d. Transperant responsible governance - people's empowerment the only solution
e. Planning of Delhi - instituting a participative process
f. Human right to housing processes - a pro-active approach to shelter rights 
g. People and good governance - democratising district administration 
h. Real Estate Development - legislation for self-regulation 

I think we must contact them immediately and get a hold of their publications.
Rajeev can you help us with this? Sanjeev, do you want to write to them and
invite them to join IP?

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