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How to extend modern healthcare to the masses, particularly in the rural 
areas, is a subject that require extensive discussion. That the existing 
system has failed needs no elaboration. The basic govt infrastructure of 
Primary Health Centres and rural hospitals have failed to either reach 
the people, or have such poor facilities that even if a patient somehow 
reaches it, he gets neither treatment or succour. There are various 
reasons for these, not the least being reluctance of doctors to work 
there. One of the reasons for this reluctance is the knowledge of 
doctors that their serving there will not serve any purpose because of 
lack of facilities. This amounts to a vicious circle, and real sustained 
effort to break this circle after properly analysing its causes (one has 
to discard all govt or municipal data to begin with) is the crying need 
of the hour. 
Some of the points that immdiately come to ones mind are :
1. Increase govt spending
2. Concentrate on primary care
3. Stop trying to develop alternative medicine (ayurved, homeo, unani)
   and divert scarce resource 
4. Create a much larger paramedical workforce (nurses, pharmacists)
5. Strict control of drug prices
6. Concentrate more on existing national health programmes and create new ones 
7. Concentrate on health education
8. Concentrate on supplying clean drinking water
9. Strengthen vigilance on food adulteration (recent outbreak of dropsy due to 
adulterated mustard oil killed scores of people, and the epidemic is still 
raging : what the govt does is order a CBI enquiry !)

I am glad that the subject has been brought up. I welcome the 
participants' views and concerns to be articulated, so that an   
epidemic (of debate) rages.


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