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Please! give me a break!

> Prem: (about Dev. Alternatves)

> I think we must contact them immediately and get a hold of their publications.
> Rajeev can you help us with this? Sanjeev, do you want to write to them and
> invite them to join IP?

Dear Prem,

I have been to Dev. Alternatives N.Delhi Head office as well as to a
'field office' and seen their work - that was in connection with the
modern handloom they had designed. They have a heavy bunch of IIT
engineers doing appropriate tech. work. Only one thing: what is this? -
asking me to write to them? I'm recuperating, remember? Plus we have a
President. Let these President folks do some work (!) and not be titular

Antony, please take up the responsibility of writing to others about this
National Debate. Also, other Board members, including folks like Prem,
Utkarsh, Parth, .... please feel free to "represent" this body. Be a
needs anyone's permission to do that. 

PS: There should be NO LIMIT on the Board members (the voting ones might
be just 7 or so as required by the law, but other, non-voting, can be
hundreds!). Please join the board by writing to Nikhil to include your
name in the Board, and then, please feel ABSOLUTELY FREE to represent this
debate to others and to invite them. After all, we have a web site and
everyone can check it out if they have any questions. 

We need advisors, too. Would all the Professors and senior professionals
on this list please write to Nikhil to include them as Advisors? 

But don't ask me to do anything for two months. Give my hands a break,
really! I mean it!

By the way, a big hand for Nikhil for taking up the web updation work in
right earnest! And Rajeev Manikoth is designing our logo. Go National


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