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On Sun, 6 Sep 1998, 17.12.97 wrote:

> Yes, all this is well taken. But how do you tackle the situation of 
> bribery due to which projects are delayed, decisions are not implemented, 
> previous projects approved by previous govt. are reviewed with ulterior 
> motive and so on and so on ? Ratan.

Dear Ratan,

Why do you raise this? We have this huge section on transparency, good
governance, etc. Suggest your views on this issue. Why should this concern
be expressed only for telecom policy? Is it not a more general issue,
which requires a broader set of reforms?

People like you and I have no business to complain. We are not authorized
to complain. You and I are educated folk, highly educated, a Ph.D. you
are, I know. If you find a problem YOU alone are responsible for solving
it. How do you do that? Two methods:

a) Join the governance process of India and provide non-ulterior solutions
if you can, i.e., DO BETTER (that is not being done on this forum,

b) Else devise solutions to be implemented. TELL HOW IT IS BE DONE (that
is what we are doing here).

No general mumblings about excellent points raised by others. Do better
than those points, else keep your peace!


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