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Re: Blurbs needed

I suggest that we keep a Guestbook on the IP page, so that the visitors
could record their impressions about this effort. Nikhil, can you please
do this when you have some time? Looks like we need more web people than
a mere one or two. Any more volunteer webmasters? 
All you folks, please send your support 'statements' to Nikhil.

> Folks,
> A section on "What they say" is needed on the IP page. That will be
> statements from you which tell the people who come in, what exactly you
> think about this effort, whether it is needed, why it is needed, and what
> you hope and want to see at the end of it. A short statement from as many
> of you possible, is therefore needed.
> (PS: This idea came from Parth, who thinks that we should collect blurbs
> from those who are well-wishers but have no time to participate, and put
> them up for all to see).

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