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Well: this time you've got to pay up!

I've no prob. with name change. Only remember, you've got to pay $70 for
a new domain and the $70 already spent would go waste. Much in life is
wasted, so that can be accepted. 

On the other hand, I have been toying this this name for quite some time.
Check out


(that stuff was written ages ago!). The name seemed go 'grow' and gain in
stature (!) in my mind as I looked at it, twirled it on my tongue, etc.
The name has the characteristic of being evocative of what it stands for,
i.e., concerned with policy, being neutral to any ideological viewpoint,
being non-worshipping of any human being, being respectful of being an
Indian, and being sufficiently ill-formed (gramatically) to stand out in
one's memory, blah blah... Plus 90% of the work on the "institute" will
remain on the indiapolicy mailing list. We don't want to change that name,
do we? I mean, we now OWN both India and India's policies! That's quite a
claim!! The mailing list name is evocative, the institute name is
evocative, etc. I even think I begin to like this strange name ...

But go ahead and think, and once you want to change things, pay up. That's
all there is to it... 


On Sun, 6 Sep 1998, Arvind wrote:

> I feel the name 'India Policy Institute of Political Economy'
> doesn't look okay. The word policy is an abstract noun.
> Only a proper noun or adjective fits in its current position.
> It should be renamed. How about
> Indian Institute of Political and Economic Policy
> or even
> Institute of Political and Economic Policy
> -Arvind
> Prem's comments tagged along: How about simply 'Institute of Politic Economy'?  
> I guess Sajeev gave it the present name to reflect the fact that this
> institute evolved out of India Policy, but it doesn't have to be that way.
> Any more suggestions?

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