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Change of Name

I'd agree that the present name is quite a mouthful, and more!
I'd go by: Institute of Political and Economic Policy.
BTW, there is no need to change the domain registration simply because we
change the name of the Society. It can remain indiapolicy.org.
We can add another URL later on, if we wish, and continue with both, one
re-directing the visitor to another.


[moderator's comments: I think the name issue should be settled by concerned 
people talking among themselves. They cann finally send their 'decision' to IP
for everyone's approval.
Can Ajay take this responsibility of compiling people's responses on this 
issue? Does anyone else want to do it? In that case I will forward all 
name-related posts to that person. Please let me know by sending me a 
mail to : premkumar@tamu.edu ------ Prem.]  

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