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Memorandum and By-Laws(from Ajay Gandhi)

[moderator's comments: This mail was sent first to Sanjeev, since it was
directly addressed to him. Sanjeev flet we need input from more knowledgeable
folks on this forum about these issues. Everyone is requested to share their
expertise and opinion on these issues raised by Ajay.	---Prem.]

Dear Sanjeev

I have started working on drafting the Memo and Bye Laws of the Association.
Shall send it to you this week. You may peruse it and send me suggestions
for changing. You may also, if you wish, offer it for general approval.

I need feedback and assistance on various issues:

1. Should we limit the objectives of the Association to release only the
Manifesto, or should be make it more broadbased? I'd suggest making it broad
based so that we may continue working with the same body for other purposes,
in case we think it is worthwhile to do so.

2. How do we have 'meetings' of a virtual association? The law in India does
not allow for meetings by email. At least, the issue is so new no one has
ever thought of it.

3. How do we ensure that a 'general body meeting' is called for which
actually has representation from all members?

4. How do we make Board Meetings happen and work while we are in a virtual

5. Because of the special nature of the Association where most of us haven't
met others, peculiar issues will come up in future. It may seem unnecessary
at this stage to think about such things, but we should. Unless we look
forward and provide for such issues, there may be unforeseen and unexpected
consequences in the future.

6. Do we, at this stage, have any membership fee? There are no expenses now,
as all have taken up the work voluntarily. But surely, expenses will come up
in future.

For forming the Association, if you all okay it, I'd like to have the
signatures of Antony, the President and one or two others, if possible
without difficulty.

Otherwise, it should be not difficult to find friends who will subscribe to
forming the Association formally in Hyderabad. After the Association is
formally formed, we can do ahead and take membership by email and make every
participant a formal member. Then we can constitute the Governing Council or
Managing Committee from out of us and go ahead.

Please revert back with your feedback.


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