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The fresh morning brings dew and coolness

Woke up with this draft in mind. Decided to type it out. Here goes: (first
draft of what we will send out to 10000 folks in India by end of this
year). Please: better writers, better thinkers (virtually everyone on this
list excluding me), please redo this draft in a better way and put it up
for all of us to "approve." SS [PS: Compromise: get rid of the words "of
Political Economy" and simply let us have "IndiaPolicy Institute" -
sufficiently evocative of what it stands for??? Agreed?]

Dear Fellow Citizen of India,

It is with mounting concern that many of us have watched India's descent
into an abyss of poverty, illiteracy, pollution, over-population,
corruption, demoralization, tendency for Balkanization, unhappiness
amongst most sections of the people, and disharmony being promoted by
groups which seek to exploit the magnificent diversity of India for their
little, petty short-term interests.

In the absence of leadership of any quality being provided by those who
are in the business of governance, we as citizens need to do something,
for ourselves, together.

As citizens committed to the continuance of  India as an entity to serve
the self-interest of its citizens, some of us have begun this process of
"doing something" by coming together and through a period of six months,
drafted out, through open participation and open competition for the best
ideas, an Ideal Manifesto that we believe an ideal political party for
India should provide to us and abide with.

Clearly, individually, we do not have any special 'wisdom' to write the
best manifesto. Your participation as a citizen is enormously valued. To
promote this participation by ALL Indians in this debate, and to give full
meaning to this National Debate for System Reform, we have even spent our
own hard earned money to set up a society, called the IndiaPolicy
Institute, whose primary purpose is to foster this National Debate and to
lay before the People of India, on the 1st of January, 2000 AD, a
well-debated but concise Manifesto, containing the "best" policies for our
nation, for them to do whatever they please with that document. Please
check out www.indiapolicy.org for the work done so far. Together, we can
write a hugely useful document. By being involved in this process, you are
helping provide that missing leadership and vision that India desperately

Enclosed is a first preliminary draft, about 20 pages long. Please
exercise your rights as a fellow-citizen living in this nation, to
scrutinize this document, send back your views to us (as facilitators of
this debate), and let us know whether you would consider being a signatory
to the final draft which will once again be sent out to you (sometime in
September, 1999) if you so indicate a desire. You might also like to
subscribe (free of cost) to the debate from the above web page and help
facilitate this debate.

Please follow the instructions on how to respond to this Manifesto. A list
of the people who drafted out this Manifesto is also enclosed, as also a
list of Associate institutions which have so far supported this work. If
you have any special views and would like to help out this effort in some
special way, please contact me at the address above.


(Antony Joseph)

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