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Re: The fresh morning brings dew and coolness

> > It is with mounting concern that many of us have watched India's descent
> > into an abyss of poverty, illiteracy, pollution, over-population,
> > corruption, demoralization, tendency for Balkanization, unhappiness
> > amongst most sections of the people, and disharmony being promoted by
> > groups which seek to exploit the magnificent diversity of India for their
> > little, petty short-term interests.
> >
> > In the absence of leadership of any quality being provided by those who
> > are in the business of governance, we as citizens need to do something,
> > for ourselves, together.

> I am afraid the opening para is going to put off lots of Indians. It is not
> only totally negative but also factually incorrect. One familiar with Indian

It can be made factually correct by replacing "descent into an abyss of"
by "failure in tackling fundamental problems like".
It might sound negative but that is the truth. The general feeling in india 
right now is one of anger, desperation and helplessness. 

> Yes - our incomes per head are still pretty low and large numbers of Indians
> still live below the poverty line. Illiteracy is still unconscionably high
> and that perhaps  explains why we have not been able to control population
> growth (Kerala is the model to follow in the last respect).

Can someone post on what exactly the successive governments in
Kerala have done? If I am not mistaken, Kerala had a head start in
literacy rate thanks to the good monarchy which encouraged
schools and healthcare. I am also interested in knowing if literacy
alone is the reason for Kerala's success or if there are other factors.
If so, what are they?


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