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Two new Advisors

I would like to welcome Prof. Subroto Roy, who has played a vital role in
the liberalization of India's policies since the early 1990s, as an
Advisor to IndiaPolicy Institute. He has just recently joined this list. I
would like to welcome him aboard this National Debate for System Reform
and would like to request him to freely and boldly contribute his views on
any topic of his interest. We are all ears. He might like to take a look
at the archives at 

	www.indiapolicy.org (the Sept. archives are not working properly, 
	but the earlier archives could be referenced by him)

Also, I would like to thank Ram Narayanan for agreeing to be an Advisor.
He brings great maturity and experience into this effort, and as the 
Rep of the Indo-American Chambers of Commerce (NE region, New York), has
been playing a major role in promoting trade relations between India and
USA. We hope he will be able to help promote this debate among CEOs of
firms that trade between India and USA.

In the meanwhile Ajay Gandhi has agreed to the concept of the Institute
being called IndiaPolicy Institute. If any views exist on this topic,
please inform Prem, the moderator, at 

	"Premkumar S. Rallabandi" <psr3855@unix.tamu.edu>

who will inform us of alternative views. Else, I will change the name IP
Institute of Political Economy, to IndiaPolicy Institute, and we can
proceed further, for its establishment, based on the suggestions sent in
by Ajay.

Thanks, SS

Before I end, a few extracts from a mail sent in by Ram Narayanan,
particularly about taking a positive attitude (I agree with this view):

Dear Sanjeev:

I think the effort is going in the right direction, by and large.

... many resident Indians are not quite happy with the "superior"attitude
of some of the NRIs.  No wonder we are derisively referred to by some as
"Not Required Indians". So when we present issues let's always take a
positive instead of a negative view of things. The glass is always half
full, never half empty.

There are lots of good things about India  - for example, the stability of
the Indian family, and the values they cherish, are still intact,
notwithstanding the inroads of  "western corruption"


One more point: I will be traveling in India for three weeks in December
1998, covering Chennai (Madras), Bangalore, Mumbai (Bombay) and New Delhi.


If anyone of you would like to hold a little get-together with Ram
Narayanan while he travels to India later this year, please contact him
separately by e-mail. I am sure that a personal exchange of opinion will
help strengthen the effort even more. SS

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