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Re: The fresh morning brings dew and coolness

On Mon, 7 Sep 1998, Ram Narayanan wrote:

> I am afraid the opening para is going to put off lots of Indians. It is not
> only totally negative but also factually incorrect. 

How about starting with a reference point, as follows:

"While any nations both small and large, which were equally worse off as
India, 50 years ago, have progressed by leaps and bounds, and brought much
prosperity to their citizens, "it is with mounting concern that many of us
have watched India's descent - relative to these possibilities that were
open to all free citizens of the world - into an abyss of poverty,
illiteracy, pollution, over-population,
> >corruption, demoralization, uhappiness >amongst most sections of the
> people, and disharmony being promoted by >groups which seek to exploit
> the magnificent diversity of India for their >little, petty short-term
> interests.

> Again tendency toward balkanization  -  I have lived in India in the 50's,
> 60's and 70's and I can firmly affirm that, notwithstanding our problems in
> Kashmir and the North-East,  there is a much greater feeling of  unity among
> Indians today than at any other time in its history.

excluded that phrase, though I personally think the "unity" is only on the
surface: the only uniting factor being corruption. Yesterday in a
discussion this was the comment heard: "Corruption in Bihar? That is
nothing! You should see the corruption in Gujarat!" (one pretty
experienced IAS officer to another). So long as the race for the rock
bottom of the world is still on, we will survive together; then the people
will simply blow up...

> Let's avoid an introduction that will offend many. Let's have a more
> constructive opening.

Would you please suggest one?


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