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Re: The fresh morning brings dew and coolness

Dear Arvind, I am new to this debate and i am not sure whether I will warm
up to the quality of the debate. there is an interesting study by
John dreeze and Amartya Sen on the marxist experiments in literacy studies
in china, kerala and West Bengal.  Direct correlations have been
established bertween literacy and health parameters, infant mortality and
girl child mortality, death per thousand population etc., I will refresh
my memory of the book a little later.  What I am trying to say is what is
an obvious solution isnt striking our governments. WE WANT MORE
SCHOOLS(PRIMARY AND SECONDARY). We need more teachers.  Literacy is the
key to many ills. I am sure rurala poverty is acute in China.. at l;east
they know about it.


> On Mon, 7 Sep 1998, Arvind wrote:
> Can someone post on what exactly the successive governments in
> Kerala have done? If I am not mistaken, Kerala had a head start in
> literacy rate thanks to the good monarchy which encouraged
> schools and healthcare. I am also interested in knowing if literacy
> alone is the reason for Kerala's success or if there are other factors.
> If so, what are they?

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