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Re: Re to Arvind's reply

> <<Unfortunately, what many of us do not know is that what CDAC has
> done is not to produce a supercomputer by assemble a massive parallel
> processor using SUNs microprocessors. To really develop a
> supercomputer, we should encourage the semiconductor industry.>> 

> I think its difficult to shake off conventional thinking. We should
> not get unduly caught up in existing definitions. In this case the end
> functions can be achieved by different routes. The use of the multi

my aim was not to put down CDAC. i just wanted to highlight the fact
that semiconductor industry needs a boost. to think that software is
e same as IT is prevalent in india. I did mention that CDAC had done
a great job and the fact that singapore and russia have placed orders
is proof of their work.
Again, I must say that semiconductor industry needs to be encouraged.

> We should also not get stuck with this tendency to look for a Western
> or other shoulder to lean on. Lets not rely on the likes of TI to
> initiate a semiconductor industry. Im not sure if you are aware of a
> indigenous dedicated chip technology centre in Punjab, which
> mysteriously got burnt down. Would anyone have specific details as to
> why some Indian initiatives die a quiet death ?

I think the one you are talking about is a public sector (?) which for
years made some chips for watches. I don't think they tried any research.
I agree that we should not rely on Western companies to start the
initiative but if it provides a short cut, why not use it? There is
no point in reinventing the wheel.
ce again, I must say that the reason I raised the point was that 
GOI has fallen into the trap of thinking that software is the be all and
end all of the IT industry, not because I wanted TI to take the initiative.
When Microsoft opens a development centre worth a few millions
which will provide employment to a few elite, there is celebration all
around. It doesn't even bring new technology to the country.
Cancelling $1.2 billion unit which generates lots of jobs for assembly
line workers and which actually brings in technology not available
in India is a serious thing. 
It is not a question of depending on West. As far as taking initiatives
is concerned, SPIC has started a semiconductor unit. I do not have
the details and will be happy if someone can post about it. 
It is my belief that unless the semiconductor industry develops in 
india, we won't get consumer electronic goods at a cheap price.

> You missed my point. Instead of looking for loopholes, the attempt
> should have been to maximize and build on this attempt as an
> alternative fuel. Somebody mentioned the story of the crabs. This is
> typical of our people.

This case was different. He *was* given chances. DST in Delhi, IIT Madras
and even after the IIT-M failure, he was allowed a "performance" at the
indian institute for petroleum at Dehradun. He should have produced 
his "fuel" at a larger scale, say 25 litres, with scaled up amounts of raw
I must hasten to add that I however agree with your view that the crab
mentality persists in india! It is just that you used a wrong example but
the point you have brought up is perfectly valid.


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