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Re: The fresh morning brings dew and coolness

> my memory of the book a little later.  What I am trying to say is what is
> an obvious solution isnt striking our governments. WE WANT MORE
> SCHOOLS(PRIMARY AND SECONDARY). We need more teachers.  Literacy is the
> key to many ills. I am sure rurala poverty is acute in China.. at l;east
> they know about it.

Here, I think it is good to recollect what Parth has to say about this
scheme of education in MP. I guess this posting should be available in the
More schools will mean more and more 'dedicated' teachers. I also
derstand that more and more private schools have been coming up in
India, at least in MP I have seen this happen. 
Here, the spirit of education is surely taken up in the right sense with
an all round development of the children taken care of. But ironically,
they cater not to the neglected lot, but for the affluent family kids.
What kind of incentives should a private school management be provided to
take education of the children of the neglected lot? Is there a way here?
Recently, in Bombay, the night schools came into media highlight since
some were asked to shut shop as they were not producing the required
results as set by the board. Now is the acheivement of a target pass
percentage the right criterion to decide the performance of the schools?
Can there be any other benchmark to judge the schools? 
These schools cater to the kids who work in the day for livlihood and with
gutso, they have enrolled themselves in a night school in order to be
educated if not, at least literate. Now it is these kids who need a lot
more encouragement than being judged by the pass percentage of their
schools. As long as a school is catering to making it's students literate,
it is to be supported, making them educated is the second step, for in
this country, there are more illiterate people than uneducated people.
Based on Parth's observation, and this incident, we need to identify
methods by which more schools can be made operational.

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