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Re: Two new Advisors

---Nizam Ahmad <nizam@bdmail.net> wrote:
> The joining of Subroto Roy is great news indeed. I look forward to hearing
> from him as frequently as possible. The brilliant minds of Indian people
> like Subroto, Deepak Lal, Parth, Barun are the ones India need to change
> India.

I do join you in sharing this 'outburst' of enthusiasm which you express!!
However ...

> Lets cut out the endless, boring debates and listen to these folks for
> classical liberal wisdom and guidance for a prosperous Indian sub-continent.

this statement undermines the zeal of many who have been sweating it out all 
these days. ( I am sure it's a 'spill over ' effect of your excitement ...but 
allow me to remind you of it's 'undesired - implication') I am very sure 
(beyond any iota of doubt) that your best wishes ARE with this group of 'like 
minded' NET initiators as you aptly put it.

           TO ONE AND ALL...

In the days to come  as this group grows and organizes itself..I humbly foresee 
a small problem. Although I am confident that our education and high level of 
motivation to 'DO SOMETHING' will assist us in inventing matured solutions, I 
feel a reminder is well in place .

There will be a variety of personalities trying to participate by way of 
'making their own points' heard. Thousands of expressions will pour in.. 
millions of interpretations will brew out ..
eventually it may sound like cacophony with marked incoherence to the newcomer 
( or may be even to the PRESIDENT and his TEAM !!).
There will be arguments ( heated ones !! thanks to the NET..it treats all mails 
as 'normal packets'..so no real heat except the normal 'JOULE'ian one!!).
There will be disagreements. ( some inspired by the variances in concepts 
...some inspired by biases for/against individuals.)
 But as we strive for a consensus we must keep in mind that :

    1.) in order not to lose the focus of the group we MUST react in ways which 
always respect the 'uniqueness' of each individual.

    2.) it is only when an individuals 'importance' is 'well insured' that 
he/she (interestingly no 'SHE's around our BAHARAT -MATA !?!.) would be 
encouraged to express genuinely and accept criticisms sportively.

    3.) we must find and often invent polished ways of EXPRESSING our ideas..
and not just waste these bits and bytes just because the keyboard has '101' 
keys and/our BOSS is AWAY...and we like to read 'our own' masterpieces to IP or
find out who said what to "MY MAIL"...

    4.) a good awareness of WHO's WHO on IP and a  smart recognition of the 
EQUALITY factor amongst us ...despite our diverse backgrounds will save many a 
personality clash from diverting our attention. ( Example : Say if 'PRABHU' - 
a dull physicist, refutes 'PRABHU' - a daring DIRECTOR, ...it's important to  
realise that we must disassociate -  designations from our sense of judgement. 
For both the PRABHU's are arguing not against each other but against each-
other's POINTS ...and finally are ARGUING FOR INDIA.)

Hope this doesn't sound like an uninvited crash course in etiquettes 
( I am afraid I am not even sure of the spelling of ..ettiquett!!).

  My only concern was to ensure that we do not get `merely blown' by 
personalities..but learn how to build our own PERSONALITY by constructive 
mutual interactions with one and all. After all we too are 'strands' in the 
AS .......INDIA. Lets discover how each of us IS UNIQUE and how all of us CAN 

need I add anymore flyers..?


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