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Extracts from Nizam

Received a personal response from Nizam. I am putting up extracts from
that - some excellent points here!

From: Nizam Ahmad <nizam@bdmail.net>


>I would agree to a good extent here. My guess is however, that we have
>millions of other brilliant minds too, which need to come together and

Karl Marx, Gunmar Mrydal were unparalleled brilliant minds with brilliant
Indian followers both overseas and the ones at home dedicating themselves
to Mother India. Their philosophy was one of 'enforced cooperation' not of
voluntary cooperation for the development of the society.

My summary is simple, get the thinking right before the coming revolution -
the prosperity of India! Seeking great roles from government institutions
is no answer. Furthermore, none excepting the few that I have mentioned,
seems to be holding the faith in the market or in the sovereignty of the
Indian consumer/producer and the individual. 

There is lot to learn about pure free market capitalism in order to win the
argument with rest of the Indians and Bangladeshis who think otherwise but
who are mostly brilliant and successful in their lives under the present
socio-political and economic set-up.

I am purely focused on the market, the rule of law, the court of law and
the abolition of governmental role in the physical infrastructure building,
welfare or education. I want to be around like-minded people and academics
to reinsure that my instincts about an individual being free of elite
guidance from the top are valid and workable in any society.

"There can be no right action except there be right thinking behind it and
as long as the easy, attractive, superficial philosophy of statism remains
in control of the citizen's mind, no beneficent social change can be
effected, whether by revolution or by any other means" - Albert Jay Nock
the author of 'Our enemy the state'.
>There is no entity like a "Net initiator" here. We are all in the same
>boat... Please furnish your views into a package and put up.

Talking about boats; we are virtually submerged under floodwater. Please
pray for us that we may at least find enough boats to stay afloat.


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