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Completion of First Draft of Manifesto: Method

With a view to focusing upon and completing the task we had started,
Arvind has taken up the role of Coordinator of Debates and will do the
following (he will describe more in detail later):

Arvind will announce two topics every Friday. Next week's topic is
"Education" and "Infrastructure Development". He will give more
instructions on how he will manage this exercise in his mail.

Two individuals are needed PER WEEK, one each being the "coordinator" for
each topic of the week, who will finally write the material incorporated
in the draft manifesto. Please volunteer - just one topic per person, per

Each week, after the topic is announced by Arvind, all IP members will be
able to focus on that topic by searching the manifesto/ agenda/ etc., and
archives on these topics and by adding their views on those topics/
debating till a clear picture emerges.

The volunteer coordinators from IP will then have another week to write
3-5 paragraphs to write and present a concise view on the subject from the
writings by the next Friday. All members will have the weekend to critique
this summary.

Arvind will send out a mail detailing this procedure, further. Also, the
moderator will block out all non-topic mail for the weekday
(miscellaneous discussions will be allowed through on the weekend).


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