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Human capital/education

Prof. Roy has raised the issue of Human Capital. Given Lucas' view on the
positive social externalities of education, would he plese check out
Parth's views at:


Frankly, one is not quite bothered whether Schultz or anyone else started
this theory. We are interested primarily in getting as many people of
India educated, as possible. So, what is Prof. Roy's view on free
education, and how we should be promoting education to the masses


On Wed, 9 a 1998, Dr. Subroto Roy wrote:

> Just a small note regarding the originator of human capital theory in
> modern times.  That was, if truth be told, the late Theodore W.  
> Schultz, who won the Nobel for it in 1979, and could be said to have
> been one of the authors of our Green Revolution (Transforming
> Traditional Agriculture, Chicago, 1964).  He was President of the
> American Economic Association was as early as 1960, where his
> presidential address was titled "Investment in Human Capital.

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