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FuturePast : Scenario 2005 ?

The day started early with a wake up call from my Digital Tool linked
alarm. All my mail must have reached its destination by now. My
incoming mail should also be in its docket, ready for my attention.
Im to leave for a seminar in the next township 150 kms away. The
little applet in my OS should have details of the departure of the
Intercity rail with a departure ticket ready for my authorisation.

Oh Boy ! Its going to be a lovely day with clean blue sunny skies.
The sun on the hues of green on landscaped avenues is a source of joy
and restfulness. I hear the sound of the garbage disposal on its
collection round.( where are those dirty spilled over bins of
yesteryear ?

Its going to take me 10 minutes to the departure point of the
Intercity rail in my marvellous 3 wheeler. This is a highly efficient
vehicle designed and manufactured here in Indian with composite light
material, looks beautiful, useful pluggable canisters of alternative
fuel. ( The bulk of fossil imports have been reduced, due to a dynamic
new policy that looks at optimising mobility. ) It can utilise it
zippiness, because of the incredible segregated roads. And parking is
a breeze. Our family of 3 can use it without a complaint.

My 1 hr. transit time in the Intercity rail will be a comfortable,
productive one. My breakfast, ( a healthy natural fibre rich one
home-grown, with ecofriendly components within a radius of 5 kms ) is
taken care of. I can plug in my portable new generation Digital Tool ,
with its headset and built-in tiny virtual screen to run through my
presentation for the seminar. 

I can also scan the days news: local, national and international with
a wireless link with my modem. As the train zips by I imagine the days
with electrical wires and phone lines criss crossing the skies. Good
riddance to broken wires and constant lines breaks !

Ah! the breakfast is here. I peruse the plate. I can get no upsets
with this one ! A new policy of food and goods production to reduce
unnecessary road congestion implemented a vision of local production
as far as possible. Large industrial bases located in strategic points
produce and send ready to assemble kits to destinations, avoiding
processing cycles that involve huge amounts of waste that earlier used
to get dumped any place without treatment. Prohibitive costs of
Recycling costs had industry shying away from making the requisite
investments. With this new scheme, costs are on a volume use basis,
with a corporation owning the waste disposal plants. The result :
clean healthy neighbourhoods. No heavy traffic plying through
residential areas.

I check the status of the Seminar. All the participants, but one is
going to be present. Oh ! Whats this ? The missing participant is not
going to be a non participant afterall. Hell link through the
interactive channel to be virtually present in the meeting. This new
OS ( pint sized, I must add ), developed by a union of free Indian
minds and freely available is incredible. It can chew whatever is
thrown at it. The Digital tool also designed and manufactured here is
even better. Its removable mini disc based HDD has 6GB of storage,
with possibility of adding in at least 2 more of the same capacity for
enhanced applications. Wonder why the Win OS used to hog so much space
for a fraction of What this does ?

We are about to arrive in 15 minutes time. I get a beep indicating
some mail. I scan the mail IN folder listing. Theres a message from
the MP scheduling a meeting with our neighbourhood. This is a slightly
unusual one, because its normally once a month during the last
weekend. She wants to discuss plans for an educational centre for
continuing education. Good. The agenda attached with her message and a
weeks time is adequate for the people to be prepared for a meaningful
dialogue. Going by the way these are followed up, the plans will be
finalised within a month and execution should commence immediately.

To be continued .... if you so wish !

Let's look at what each of us want to visualize the future as. It 'll
help seeing the "details " eventually.

Rajeev Manikoth

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