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Re: Completion of First Draft of Manifesto: Method

Arvind: Two topics a week are "two" many and "too" short
a time for the kindof debate one would like to generate.  if we have to
ay focussed one topic -- and that too a little more specific than
"education".  Higher Education., Primary Education.. Information training
education.. Professional Education.. each one of this has tomes written
about it.
Prem's Comments: As I understand it, there is no 'new' debate planned. All
we will be doing is to search the archives of IP and compile all the things
that are written so far on  a given topic. Then we will take a hard look at
it and try to summarize the material. If we feel there's not much material
already on our page, we will open it up for further debate. 
In my view, this exercise is essential to consolidate this effort and to move
on. This manifesto writing will give us all an idea of where we stand at 
present, and what we need to be discussing in the future. Everyone, please 
give us your feedback on this proposed work. Without a lot of participation 
this is not going to move an inch. I think Ash has a good point. How about 
starting with one topic just to warm up to the task?

On Wed, 9 Sep 1998, Ash Mahesh wrote:
> > Arvind will announce two topics every Friday. 
> It might be better to begin with one topic a week. Once we have the 
> procedure nailed down to an acceptable level of familiarity, we could 
expand it. 
> Ash

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