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Tomes later, one line statements first

On Wed, 9 Sep 1998, SRI M V RANGANATH wrote:

> Arvind: Two topics a week are "two" many and "too" short
> a time for the kindof debate one would like to generate.  if we have to
> ay focussed one topic -- and that too a little more specific than
> "education".  Higher Education., Primary Education.. Information training
> education.. Professional Education.. each one of this has tomes written
> about it.

Let us go by Ash's and Prem's suggestion of one topic in the first week
and then really speed up. This is critical if we want to maintain
deadlines, and send out the first draft by end-1998. 

Second, policy can be framed in short bullet points better than in big
tomes. A bit of prioritization should come up in this structure, too. In
any case we have not reached what is called the "Policy Framework" for any
particular discipline yet - we are floating around only at the "manifesto"
and "agenda" level. The total size of these documents should be 15-20
ordinary printed pages. When we start writing the Policy Framework -
sometime toward the end of 1999, we can write about 3 pages on Education
instead of 10 lines. At that level, education can be split up into its

We are considering questions as basic as: should government provide free
education or not, should government run our railways, telegraphs, etc., or
not. Beyond that, details can be worked out later.

Building a National consensus of 20 pages is enormously more difficult
than me or you writing a 2000 page tome which nobody will ever read. We of
course like doing difficult things on IP such as writing 2 lines in place
of 200! The most audacious thing of course is that short piece on Free
Citizen, and the Preamble.

[On this topic of railways and telecom, the most brilliant suggestion I
heard so far for India's internet - from Suresh Rajagopalan - who is
providing us the internet access to run this forum, was to give this task
to the Indian Railways, as was the case in USA: almost all telecom
companies which laid fibre optic cables across USA, like Sprint, were
earlier railway companies. We need to push VSNL out of the way and let
Indian Railways build our internet backbone. Very good point indeed.
Utkarsh is in MCI: He might like to comment.]


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