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Re: Platonism is an erroneous ontology

I thought that Prof. Roy had an excellent point. I wanted to bring it to
the notice of all.

On Thu, 10 Sep 1998, Dr. Subroto Roy wrote:

> There is only reality.  There is no ideal world or ideal number or ideal man or
> ideal political party or ideal manifesto possible.  Plato erred in requring an
> objective epistemology to entail an idealist ontology.  Aristotle (and much
> later, the later Wittgenstein) corrected him.
> Subroto Roy.

Dear Professor,

I fully agree with you on this. There is only reality, and idealism is not
part of that reality. 

The work here, on IP, is designed to be a benchmark against which the work
of others (poltical parties, chiefly) in India can be evaluated.

I visualize any political party as a service provider of governance
services. The manifesto that a party writes is its contract with the
people who elect it. The problem is that in the rush and craze for
personalities we have lost track of issues. The quality of manifestos of
political parties today is unbelievably low and nobody even cares to read
these things.

However, a good manifesto should contain much of the focus of any
political party, particularly its relationship with the citizen and what
it wants to achieve, and how. It is the highest document which states a
consistent set of philosophies and policies, and to which a citizen might
(or might not) subscribe.

It is in that very abstract sense, of being an open document, open to
debate, and therefore being a little better in some way than other similar
documents, that this one is being called an "Ideal Manifesto." We could
call it any other name and it would be fine. The fact is that in my view
and in everyone's views, the policies listed here must be the most
effective in jump-starting India. That would suffice.

Thanks for your very relevant and fundamental question.


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