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We can start with one topic to warm up and if we are able to do well,
we'll move to two topics a week. Two topics was the original idea since
it was felt that finishing this as soon as possible is of utmost importance.
Please note that the idea is to come up with a manifesto, not generate
debates. We would like to go through the archives (the toughest task),
list down the points and then put it into English.
Please volunteer for whatever task or topic you think you can do best.
Who is interested in sifting through the archives at indiapolicy? And
who wants to put it in English (Ash? What about you, do you have the time?)

I have put down the tentative list below. Note that this is not
and it is just to give an idea. 
We can change as we go along as long as it doesn't generate fresh debate.
The moderator will put off all points those generate a fresh debate for
future discussion. These points will be taken up once we are done with
the initial draft. We can refine the draft once we have it in place.
Let us also not debate the structure of this list itself! Please suggest
changes when the particular point is taken up. This week's point is
Education. I shall post whatever I have retrieved from the archives
in my next post.


Tentative List:

1. Education - Will cover Literacy, Primary and secondary Education, Higher
Education and research, Involvement of private sector 

2. Law and Order - Systems to monitor law and order. 

3. Population - Educational Programs

4. Economy - Privatizing Public Sector, improving per capita income, Tax

5. Infrastructure - Issues regarding water, power, rural development,
urbanization, port reform 

6. Social conditions - Wage issues, Hygiene, personnel safety, ID card,
social security, Reservation, Age discrimination

7. Environment - Pollution control

8. Modernization - Freeing media, Telecom policy, 
Reforming and reducing govt by adopting systems

9. Political Reform - Electoral Reforms for more transparency etc

10. Agriculture

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