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Re: In Defence of Hindi Movies

Bollywood Hindi has become the de facto national language without a fight.
Market forces have acted in a subtle and peaceful way.  (A point made by Milton
Freidman, T.  N.  Srinivasan and others in May 1989.)

Dr. Roy send another post a while later:

Sorry, I should have said Bollywood Hinglish rather than Bollywood Hindi has
become the de facto national language of India without a fight.
Subroto Roy.

> > National Language > > Language is an critical issue that very often surfaces
at political > will in an incensed manner.  We should actively consider the >
regeneration of Sanskrit, and its posible stature as the national > language.
This would require more or less equal efforts from all parts > of the country,
as the root of most of our languages are structured on > Sanskrit.  I am
awaiting some details from a scholar who has been > working rather intensely in
this area.  > > Will post appropriate notes when available.  > > Rajeev manikoth

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