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> [On this topic of railways and telecom, the most brilliant suggestion I
> heard so far for India's internet - from Suresh Rajagopalan - who is
> providing us the internet access to run this forum, was to give this task
> to the Indian Railways, as was the case in USA: almost all telecom
> companies which laid fibre optic cables across USA, like Sprint, were
> earlier railway companies. We need to push VSNL out of the way and let
> Indian Railways build our internet backbone. Very good point indeed.
> Utkarsh is in MCI: He might like to comment.]

This is not just a suggestion. GOI has already decided that cabling will
be done only by Indian Railways and NTPC. This was decided during
the Gujral regime.
I am unhappy about the "only" part. Private parties should be involved.
That was why I included it as a point in IT/telecom policy.
Leaving it only to IR and NTPC will most likely end up with technological
advances not being utilised. Their network should however be exploited.


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