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Re: In Defence of Hindi Movies

As per Sanskrit as a possible national language, I would like to 
point out that Sanskrit is not the basis for a major subset of 
Indian languages, viz.  the 'Dravidian' languages. (I do concede 
that they have borrowed, some more liberally than others, a great 
deal of vocabulary from Sanskrit.) I believe that, before we start 
discussing (especially contentious) issues such as language, we 
should form a consensus on the deeper issue involved here:

majority/minority relations. The issue of minorities in a democracy 
is also the fundamental basis for other divisive issues such as 
Hindu/Muslim relations.

Also, as many majority/minority issues are related to the political 
fight over scarce resources in an environment where the entire 'pie' 
is not growing rapidly, we may see that attention to economic matters 
(namely growth and distribution) may lessen, or even possibly remove, 
some contentious issues that have hampered social relations between 
groups in India.

On a different track, I would like to volunteer to moderate, or 
assist in whatever capacity, in the topic of infrastructure. As I am 
new to contributing to India Policy (though I have tried to keep up 
with the debates), I am a little unsure as to how to do so. Please 
let me know.

Pratap Raju

[Prem's comments: Welcome aboard, Pratap. I was just wondering why
we have not been hearing from you on this forum. Arvind should be very
happy that he's got some help. I would like to ask the rest of the
folks on this forum to come forward and take up specific tasks. Thanks
Pratap, for your offer to help.]

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