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Re: In Defence of Hindi Movies

I would second Rajeev's view point here, that we do need to revive
Sanskrit to an extent that at least India has a college, or for that
matter a University catering to Sanskrit literature and related 
(I am not sure if we have one right now). On the same lines, we do 
need to revive Hindi also, the classical Hindustani, as used by greats 
like Pt.  Makhanlal Chaturvedi, Munshi Premchand, to bring it to a 
level that it is well recognised in the whole country. Bollywood 
Hinglish can also have it's special position as being the (probably 
only) uniting agent of the nation.
I'm sure the regional languages too can be taught in other states
depending upon formulation of a suitable policy, but other than 
English, we need to have a native language spoken all throughout the 
nation - like any other nation which takes pride in it's national 

> Sorry, I should have said Bollywood Hinglish rather than Bollywood Hindi has
> become the de facto national language of India without a fight.
> Subroto Roy.

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