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Re: In Defence of Hindi Movies

> On Thu, 10 Sep 1998 10:41:53   shrikant wrote:
> I would second Rajeev's view point here, that we do need to revive 
> Sanskrit to an extent that at least India has a college, or for that 
> matter a University catering to Sanskrit literature and related 
> studies.

Utkarsh: Don't mean to be controvertial here but how does that change 
the status quo. We have colleges (I am sure more than 1 university) 
providing Ph.D.s in Sanskrit. I would rather put that money in providing 
primary education to 1000 children.
> On the same lines, we do need to revive Hindi also, the classical 
> Hindustani, as used by greats like Pt.  Makhanlal Chaturvedi, Munshi 
> Premchand, to bring it to a level that it is well recognised in the 
> whole country. 

Utkarsh: We should be all supportive to Arts and culture. But let's 
fix the hunger first. 

> Bollywood Hinglish can also have it's special position as being the 
> (probably only) uniting agent of the nation. I'm sure the regional 
> languages too can be taught in other states depending upon formulation 
> of a suitable policy, but other than English, we need to have a 
> native language spoken all throughout the nation - like any other 
> nation which takes pride in it's national language.

Utkarsh: Once being a student in a REC in India, I have heard all the 
pros and cons of one language for the country to why not regional 
languages as well. I would suggest that we should do whatever is best 
for the progress of the country. But I will caveat that we should not 
force any one to learn only a particular language. We should give 
choice. I want the next generation to be proud of India's accomplishments, 
it's achivements, its legacy, its writers, scientists rather than 
someone at the policy making level forcing me to study Hindi while 
his/her kids go to a private school, where the medium of instruction 
is English.

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