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Milton Friedman's Memo to the GOI, 1955

Thanks to a coordinated effort, the above memo is finally on the web.
Dr.Parth Shah had sent in a scanned version which was a bit scratchy, so
Prof. Nirvikar Singh sent over a photocopy, which was then scanned and
converted into both HTML and Word doc format by me. It is all on the web
now at


Prof. Subroto Roy, the original first publisher of this memo, has given
whatever permissions he holds. The final permission is being obtained from
the University of Hawaii (I'll do that). Please do check out the detailed
copyright notice of the memo which contains the extracts from Milton
Friedman's book which cite this publication by Prof. Roy.

I would be grateful if anyone of these Professors, who knows Prof.
Friedman well, please contact him and inform him that his work for India
is finally on the web, and that it is appreciated. If Prof. Friedman can
send in a few comments for IP, that would be good.

I was able to scan thro' the memo quickly: a very powerful document
indeed, tremendously relevant even today. Please - all of us on this list
- we MUST read this memo carefully: it is pretty good.


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