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Re: Manifesto

I agree with much that Utkarsh had to say about Education. I would like to
add the following (some of them somewhat minor) questions/points:

[1] How to divorce schools from politics?
 The first step is to make the appointment of the head of a school
apolitical. (I believe that such heads are, at least informally, decided by
the current state govt.) The school would then be headed by a board of
members, w/incentives (perhaps monetary) to maintain/improve the institutes

[2] How should we incorporate corporate funding into institutes of higher
education, which will free up govt resources to the more funds-starved
primary schools?
I don't have the statistic in front of me, but a significant portion of govt
spending on education is spent on higher education -- an order of magnitude
of 50%.

...to be continued

> Pratap Raju

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