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Pratap Raju wrote:

> On a different track, I would like to volunteer to moderate, or 
> assist in whatever capacity, in the topic of infrastructure. As I am 
> new to contributing to India Policy (though I have tried to keep up 
> with the debates), I am a little unsure as to how to do so. Please 
> let me know.

The main idea is to search through the archives in IP (click on web archives
of daily debates followed by the month. That will give you all the messages
posted) and post the points on IP. Once that is done and more points are
added, it should be put into prose.
That is about it. We also do not want to debate anything at this time.
The idea is to come out with a document. All debates will be postponed.
Points that have already been debated and new points which do not end
up in a debate should be included.
One person needs to keep track of all points - old and new - and post them all
at the end of the week so that the person converting it to prose can use it
as a reference. No opposition to a particular point means it has been accepted!
I shall help in searching through the archives.


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